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This month we search the web to find the best sites for business IT advice - from tech trends to software reviews - and explain how we are helping expand local business support, as well as much more:

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Tom Whitney, MyDonut editor

Donuts increase local business support
Tax Donut logo With the launch of the Tax Donut, the Donuts now offer firms advice in five key areas, delivered through 100 local websites. So how is it helping them and businesses like yours?
Six best IT websites
Magnifying glass on 3D globe With so much IT advice available
on the web, it's hard to know where to look. But whether you want tech trends or business blogs, we've picked out the best sites for you.
Profile: The Gothic Accountant
Psyche Corderre American-born Goth Psyche Coderre doesn't fit the mould. The founder of the alternative accountancy firm explains how to make a living from death and taxes.

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From the Law Donut

  Riot victim? Get free
legal advice here

  Court shows smaller businesses can win passing off disputes  
Solution delayed to Companies House annual return form problem

Video: Top selling tips

Top selling tips video

Small business news

  One in ten town centre shops empty  
  Recovery fund offers cash support to riot-damaged firms  
Less than six weeks to prepare for temp worker reforms
The Start Up Donut
Feature: Company directors' responsibilities
Blog: How to make an insurance claim
Forum: Should you use force to defend your business?
You might be a company director, but do you know what legal responsibilities the position brings?
Nick Green of business insurers Policy Bee provides tips on what to do if you need to make a claim.
Were business-owners right to stand up to the looters during the UK riots? Have your say.
The Law Donut
Feature: Working
time: 20 FAQs

Blog: The Lawyer's Guide
to Skiving

Forum: Are old warnings
relevant in a new tribunal?
Do you know the rules on working
time? Find out who's entitled to what in our set of 20 FAQs.

Michael Scutt reveals what you
need to know before making that croaky phone call...

"I'm being taken to tribunal for
unfair dismissal. Can I refer back
to 3-4 year old written warnings?"
The Marketing Donut
Feature: A buyer's guide
to text marketing

Blog: Why your marketing
needs to be sticky

Forum: Do you have star
quality on Google?
Want to try SMS marketing? Dan Parker explains how to choose the right provider.
Sticky marketing is all about
attracting customers with added value, says Grant Leboff.

How have online reviews and star ratings helped your business?
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